2013 NFL Mock Draft 5.0

UPDATE: This has been changed as of 1:45 p.m. ET on Thursday.

This has not been a comfortable year to do mock drafts. Put it this way: When you talk to teams and know they're still dealing with a lot of internal debate about the best picks -- the day before the draft -- you're not exactly planning on going 32 for 32. What I do think is we'll see most picks match up with where I have players ranked in terms of value, at least early on. But, as my friend Adam Schefter mentioned today, once that first trade happens, all bets are off. And most of us believe a trade will happen early.

Because there's still a lot of fluidity with some of these picks, I do mention a number of scenarios in play. Also, for this final mock I'm getting less into player profiles, as most fans are developing a decent sense of who the players are. For this, it's more about scenarios and fits. As always, make sure you also check the Big Board and positional rankings to get a better idea of the overall grades and depth at each position.


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Eric FisherKansas City Chiefs (2-14)

COLLEGE: Central Michigan
AGE: 22
HT: 6-7
WT: 306

Analysis: We still think a deal that will send Branden Albert to Miami could get done. But even without that deal I don't think the Chiefs will pass on the highest-rated tackle on their board. The Chiefs believe Fisher can start in Week 1, and they want a player who should help ease the transition of Alex Smith into this offense. Andy Reid's tenure in Philly was ruined last season in part by an offensive line that fell apart. Fisher will anchor his next one.

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Luke Joeckel *Jacksonville Jaguars (2-14)

AGE: 21
HT: 6-6
WT: 306

Analysis: Jacksonville has a need at one tackle spot now, and will almost certainly need one next year. They've had shaky picks in years past based on value, but I think they take the best player available here under a new regime. In this case, that's Joeckel.

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Sharrif Floyd *Oakland Raiders (4-12)

COLLEGE: Florida
AGE: 20
HT: 6-3
WT: 297

Analysis: Fair warning at this slot -- the Raiders could certainly trade down. It makes a ton of sense if they do. They don't have a second-round pick, and any team that wants that third tackle knows this is the spot to get to. That said, if the Raiders stay here, Floyd makes a lot of sense because of his versatility, potential and high ceiling. Given that it's not exactly set which base defense the Raiders will operate out of in 2013, adding versatile defensive line talent also adds scheme flexibility. This is a max-effort player who can power through defenders and has enough quickness to target gaps, disrupting both the pass and the run.

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