Round 2-3: Winners and questions

Manti Te'o will face pressure in San Diego, but Geno Smith will certainly face more. Getty Images, USA TODAY Sports

The second day of the NFL draft got lively pretty early. When Manti Te'o and Geno Smith went back-to-back, I thought the roof was going to come off Radio City. Both were good values, but the fits sure are different. While San Diego really needed a linebacker, I actually didn't have quarterback down as a major need for the Jets, at least in the context of this draft. But that's based on my questions about the readiness of this QB class and their ability to start as rookies.

Other top 2013 QBs, namely Matt Barkley and Ryan Nassib, are still available. Is that a total shock? Yes and no. Barkley still being around is at least surprising because I know where he once stood among the QB prospect hierarchy. But this QB class is absolutely being crushed by a lack of need. There are teams that could use depth at QB, but after free agency and some trades, there isn't a lot of raw desperation in the market.

At the end of another day, a lot of picks seemed to line up with the needs of teams, but there were surprises. Here's a few I really liked, and others that, if they weren't bad, at least raised questions for me.

IMPORTANT: I'm only looking at Day 2 picks here. For a look at yesterday's winners and questions, go here.

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Three I liked

San Diego Chargers
The picks: Manti Te'o, No. 38; Keenan Allen, No. 76
Summary: To steal a point my colleague Todd McShay made on the set after the Allen selection, the Chargers on Friday drafted two players with the talent and the production level of first-round picks. Put all the debate about Te'o aside and just focus on performance and you're getting an immediate starter at a position I have down as one of their top needs. While wide receiver isn't a major need, Allen at No. 76 is a total steal in terms of talent. He fell during the evaluation process, in part because of a stubborn knee ailment, but he should be fine. Te'o was No. 17 on my final Big Board, and Allen was on the board for much of the year. The Chargers added impact in the second and third rounds.