Kiper: 2014 NFL Mock Draft 2.0

Super Bowl XLVIII was another good reminder that the draft is really only the beginning. Teams don't just fill needs with players they like; they draft players with developmental stories in mind. Seattle has been exceptional in this regard the past few years, and while it's my job to evaluate picks with my own player evaluations as the prism, I can certainly give credit when teams do an excellent job turning picks into players and good traits into system fits.

We'll hand out draft grades for how well teams added value, but never forget how much success is developed, not just drafted.

A couple of things to remember before my second mock draft:

• Teams are starting to catch up on a number of players, but similar to my first one, I'd say I match needs to fits a little more here because "best player available" is still a work in progress for teams.
• I feel good about most of my heights, weights and speed/strength reports, but there are always surprises at the combine.
• Remember: I can't reflect trades. I will point out good spots for a move.

One final note: A few players I see as good bets for Round 1 who didn't fit in this mock: Ryan Shazier, Aaron Donald and Derek Carr. My inability to reflect possible trades factored in there.

* Denotes a junior or redshirt sophomore at the time of draft entry.

^ Indicates that Baltimore and Dallas will flip a coin to determine which team picks first.