Top 5 cornerback prospects

Bradley Roby is a strong cover corner for the Ohio State Buckeyes. AP Photo/Jay LaPrete

There was a time in the NFL when having two very good corners would have almost assured that a team was tough to throw on. But in the current landscape, with passing offenses more diversified and creative than ever, depth at the position is crucial if a team wants to compete. The elite cornerbacks today aren't simply receivers with bad hands. Even at the lower levels of football, we see a great emphasis on finding cornerbacks who don't just diagnose and react well but have great ball skills too.

The 2014 NFL draft class could put that on display. A number of the top cornerbacks not only would be capable on offense, but some might actually be used there.

At the top of the list are a pair of corners with something in common beyond talent. One is currently coached by Urban Meyer at Ohio State; the other was recruited by Meyer at Florida.