NFL comps for top prospects

Jameis Winston compares similarly to Matt Ryan from both a stats and scouting perspective. Getty Images

Sharon Katz and John Parolin of the Stats & Information Group came up with statistical comparisons to current NFL players for 20 of the top prospects on Scouts Inc.'s draft board for 2015, using combine measurements and athletic testing results. Scouts Steve Muench and Kevin Weidl then weighed in with their comparisons based on each prospect's style of play.

Jameis Winston, QB, Florida State (Scouts Inc. rank: 1)

Statistical comps: Matt Ryan, Chad Henne, Blake Bortles

Winston has the prototypical build (6-foot-4, 231 pounds) of an NFL QB, but his hands and arms are smaller than expected for a player his size. Based on his physical attributes, Winston most closely resembles Bortles (6-5, 232) and Ryan (6-5, 228); they have the height to see over offensive linemen and the stature to take punishment in the NFL. Athletically, Winston was slower than expected at the combine (4.97 40) and is closest to Chad Henne coming out of Michigan. -- Sharon Katz

Scouting comps: Ben Roethlisberger, Matt Ryan

The size and athleticism aspect is the only thing I see in common with Bortles and Henne. Winston is far more advanced than both of those players were when they were coming out. He is similar to Ryan from a mental aspect and in their confidence to take risks and throw with anticipation. Remember, Ryan had 19 interceptions in his last season at Boston College, which is similar to Winston's 18 in 2014. There is not an ideal comparison for Winston. In terms of his ability to deliver in a crowd, there is some Roethlisberger in his tape. -- Kevin Weidl