Kiper's team-by-team draft needs

Marcus Mariota, Leonard Williams and Jameis Winston are all potential No. 1 overall picks. Getty Images

Every year we hear coaches and GMs explain that they drafted the player they considered the best guy available or the best player on their board as they react to picks. And I don't think it's just draft spin. While I think teams try to evaluate players based on how good they are, I know that obvious needs can influence the draft board.

A couple stipulations:

These needs aren't in specific order. It's splitting hairs in some cases.

I do speak with team personnel folks, but these are my perceptions.

We'll use these leading up to and during the draft over the next week.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Top needs: QB, DE, OT, WR

Obvious: Just the latest team picking No. 1 with enough talent to go from first pick to .500 if it can get simply average QB play instead of terrible QB play. It has happened the past three years with the Colts, Chiefs and Texans.

Quiet: The situation at tackle isn't pretty. It will be hard to gauge any perceived QB upgrade if you can't block for him on either side.