Way-too-early 2016 NFL mock draft

If you saw some of our TV segments on Monday, you'll know that putting together the way-too-early mock draft for the following season is not my favorite assignment here at ESPN. (You also probably noticed Mel Kiper celebrating the fact that I have to do it.)

But I understand that there is great interest already from fans as to what college football players enter the 2015 season as the top prospects for next year's draft, so I've done my best here to match up many of those players with team fits that make sense.

A couple of important notes:

• I have not done full tape studies on any of these players yet. We will begin going through the 2016 class next week and produce preseason scouting evaluations that will run in August. I made picks here based on what I've been able to see from these players in person, on TV and on limited tape and also what I've heard from league sources.

• The draft order below was generated for us by Football Outsiders, using their early projected records for the 2015 season.

Here is our way-too-early NFL mock draft for 2016.

1. Washington Redskins (Football Outsiders' projected 2015 record: 5-11)

Christian Hackenberg, QB, Penn State: We don't yet know what the future holds for Robert Griffin III, but if the projected records here from Football Outsiders come true, it's safe to assume Washington might be looking for a new franchise quarterback. Hackenberg struggled in 2014 with a 12-touchdown, 15-interception season, but he's a big-time talent with a pro-style skill set.