Big Board has big changes

Jameis Winston's on-field talent is undeniable, but off-field issues have crept up again. Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Just addressing this biggest change up front: This week you are seeing a significant drop for Jameis Winston on the Big Board. Let me be clear on where I stand, because this isn't an editorial: At a time when NFL teams are going to be more sensitive than they ever have been about the off-field actions of their players -- and rightfully so -- Winston has reached a point with these issues where my sense is that a number of teams would have pulled him off the board if the draft were held tomorrow. It's that simple.

Winston has time to regain trust. Exactly zero people will be surprised when he goes in the first round when he gets drafted in 2015 or 2016. He has many good traits, particularly as an on-field leader who brings out great things in his teammates. And we know he's a phenomenal football talent at the game's most important position. But this is a reflection of what I consider a deep concern about his maturity, and I think maturity is becoming an increasingly big priority. I'd bet he'll get there. But he simply isn't yet.

Beyond that, you'll see some big jumps for an SEC lineman and a Baylor defensive end. As always, I'll keep scouting reports consistent week to week throughout the season and only make changes regarding recent performances, unless my evaluation shifts.

An asterisk denotes a junior for the 2014 season; two asterisks denote a redshirt sophomore.

1. *Marcus Mariota, QB, Oregon Ducks

Highly efficient and mistake-free so far. In other words, nothing new. He's simply a terrifying QB to defend because he combines above-average accuracy and anticipation with an ability to get through his progressions and elite athleticism. He isn't a classic dropback passer, and how well he can take apart a defense with tools other than his legs matters in terms of how he is viewed as a prospect, but his ability to throw on the run or to simply take off and pick up chunk yardage as a runner is a major plus.

2. *Leonard Williams, DL, USC Trojans

Saturday was hugely disappointing, but Williams needed help. He was so special against Stanford, playing through an injury with barely any drawbacks. If Williams doesn't wow you with quickness on the edge, realize he's 290-plus pounds and won't get pushed around even if he moves inside. At his size, he's a special athlete who could line up as a defensive end and drive a tackle back or line up on the outside shoulder of a guard and create problems with power and quickness as well. He's the kind of disruptive, versatile lineman who can succeed in any system.