Kiper's NFL combine winners (and highlights)

The NFL combine can't do anything to change what's already on tape, but it sure can make you take a second look at the actual games to see what you might have missed. With this pivotal round of medical exams, interviews and on-field athletic testing in the books, we have more complete information on players.

The combine really can change some things. Nothing is more important than accurate medical evaluations, for one. We also learn about how versatile guys are, how schemes they were in might have made up for limited ability, or done the opposite and made them look better than the testing might indicate. It can raise a lot of questions, but information is information. The more, the better.

Here are some highlights for me, going through all the position groups.


The top quarterbacks held serve

Carson Wentz showed he has a big frame to go with the athletic ability and arm. He came in a hair over 6-foot-5 and 237 pounds. With 10-inch hands, cold-weather teams need not worry. Jared Goff isn't exactly a stick figure as some believed, weighing in at 217 pounds, and he's a picture of confidence and potential, the best pure thrower in the draft. His 9-inch hand span will matter to some teams -- and perhaps that's a differentiator at No. 2 -- but he and Wentz are neck and neck, and clearly ahead of the pack.