Riddick's favorite players in the 2016 NFL draft

The beauty of evaluating draft prospects every year is the variance of opinion on players, even when those opinions come from viewing the same tape. We all see the game differently based on our experiences playing, coaching and scouting.

With that in mind, here are my six favorite players in the 2016 NFL draft, regardless of position or projected round. These are the guys I would be positioning my team to select when the draft kicks off on April 28.

Myles Jack, LB, UCLA

There are great athletes, and then there are great football players. Jack is both -- simple as that. There is nothing this young man can't do on the football field. He can play the Mike, Sam or Will position as a linebacker in a 4-3 defense, and he can play inside or outside LB in a 3-4 defense. He can also line up as nickel defender against wide receivers and cover them better than many defensive backs in college or pro football. Jack is the ideal combination of football intelligence and instinct, both before and after the snap, and he has ideal point-of-attack explosiveness when engaging blockers and making tackles. Jack would be talked about as the best player in this draft if he hadn't suffered a season-ending torn meniscus in September. He is that good.

When I'd take him: In the top five.