Ramsey, Elliott among 10 NFL rookies who landed in perfect homes

Jalen Ramsey and Ezekiel Elliott both hit the jackpot on draft day. AP Photo

Jacksonville Jaguars rookie cornerback Jalen Ramsey has the versatility to play multiple positions in the defensive secondary. The size? He's got it. The speed? It's a 4.4. The athleticism? Off the charts. But in coach Gus Bradley's scheme, the No. 5 overall pick is really a perfect fit to play that cornerback spot, where he can use his length to control the release and patrol the deep third in the Jags' defense.

The smart teams in this league draft prospects that fit the scheme. Cater to the player and maximize the skill set. It leads to quicker development and more production from rookies when they play in a system that meshes their ability. Along with Ramsey, here are nine more rookies who are perfect matches for their new offensive and defensive schemes in the NFL.

Jalen Ramsey, CB, Jacksonville Jaguars

Ramsey is the Jaguars' version of Richard Sherman -- that long corner with press skills to challenge the release and play the deep outside zone in Cover 3. It's a perfect match for Ramsey's size, skill set and straight-line speed. Here, he can jam and funnel receivers inside to his safety help, while using that length to make plays on the ball. And Ramsey is going to hit too. That's key when the Jags roll him down as a flat defender in two-deep coverage. Drop the pads in the run game or lie in the weeds to use that sudden, quick-reaction burst to drive on the ball. Yes, the Jags can eventually use Ramsey as a creative piece in the game plan. But while the former Florida State star continues to develop his overall game, he can produce in a system that is a prime fit for his talent.

Ezekiel Elliott, RB, Dallas Cowboys