Film Notes: Brees hard to slow down

After breaking down film, here is Scouts Inc.'s take on what to watch this weekend.

1. Why is Drew Brees so hot?

We all know about Brees' accuracy, vision and ability to read his progressions to get to all his weapons. But on film, there is another subtle quality he has that nobody talks about, and that is his "launch point." Even though we think of him as a pocket quarterback, Brees does an excellent job of moving around the pocket with some bootlegs and half-rolls. This is an advantage for him in two areas. Rather than dropping straight back every snap to become a stationary target, he changes his launch point, forcing defenders to adjust their rushes and attack lanes. And because he is only 6 feet tall, Brees has trouble throwing over his offensive linemen. So by changing his launch point, he can find throwing lanes between his big guys instead of over them.