Five best fits for Kevin Kolb

The Eagles got a starting safety from an "extra" QB last year. Will they dangle Kolb? Howard Smith/US Presswire

We heard similar things last year at this time: The Philadelphia Eagles had no plans to trade a quarterback, even though they had solid depth at the position and there were many teams in need of a signal-caller. Andy Reid insisted it wasn't in the cards. But of course, we know how that worked out. Not only did Donovan McNabb get dealt, he was moved within the division. And even though McNabb's season didn't live up to the hype surrounding that trade, let's not forget how fans in Minnesota, Arizona, San Fran and other cities were clamoring for their teams to make the deal.

Well, here we go again. With Michael Vick coming off a season that makes him a likely runner-up for league MVP, the Eagles are again faced with the "dilemma" of depth at the QB position. And while they are saying they don't want to trade Kevin Kolb, there's a chance that a market starved for QBs will drive up the price to the point where they can't say no. (Yes, the CBA could also get in the way, but let's discuss the possibilities anyway.)

But before we note which teams would be the best fits for Kolb, let's point out a reason Philly may come to feel better about parting with him. Current third-stringer Mike Kafka has a chance to be a good player. I gave him a second- to third-round draft grade, and the Eagles got him in the fourth. He's got good size (6-foot-3, 225), good arm strength and he completed 65 percent of his passes as a senior at Northwestern. He might be ready to graduate to the role of a solid backup.

Now, let's consider the market.

The situations that make the most sense for a run at Kolb are teams with rosters that have a lot of talent but lack a good starting QB. For me, that eliminates a team like Carolina. You don't move picks for a starter when the roster needs to add multiple pieces. You make this move if you think it immediately makes you a contender. Here's my ranking of teams that could use Kolb the most: