Ranking the best and worst NFL offseasons of 2022: Which teams improved and declined, plus what went right, wrong and what's next

Let's pick up my ranking of the NFL's 32 offseasons with the top half of the list. I hit team Nos. 32 through 17 last week, and I'll go through Nos. 1 through 16 today, with the entire list now reordered from the best (No. 1) to the worst (No. 32).

For the purposes of considering these offseasons, I'm evaluating the personnel decisions each team made relative to its situation the day after the Super Bowl. As an example, while the Colts probably regret trading multiple draft picks for Carson Wentz last year, I'm evaluating only their decisions from February on (which now include a Wentz trade to Washington).

I'll mostly focus on player acquisitions and won't count player or coach retirements against the team in question. (I might mention them, though.) The same is true for suspensions, so I won't fault the Cardinals for what happened with DeAndre Hopkins, but I will critically think about their reaction to that news. I'll also try to use detailed contract information where I can to get more accurate insight into the real commitments organizations have made to their players.

If you read the first part last week, you shouldn't be surprised about the team that had the best offseason: