Judging NFL Week 11 overreactions: Are the Eagles in trouble?

Andy Lyons/Getty Images

INDIANAPOLIS -- The Philadelphia Eagles spent the entire week refusing to overreact. They suffered their first loss of the season Monday night, then got right back to work telling themselves it was just one bad game, that everybody has them, and there was no reason to panic.

Then they rolled into Indianapolis on Sunday and almost let another one get away.

The Eagles sleepwalked through the first three quarters against the Colts, trailed 13-3 entering the fourth and didn't hold a lead until quarterback Jalen Hurts scampered into the end zone with 1 minute, 20 seconds left on the clock. They escaped Indy with a 17-16 victory and a sense that they had gotten away with something.

"Lots to clean up, for sure," center Jason Kelce said. "We played a bad game on offense."

Of course, the Eagles are 9-1. Just about every team in the league wishes they had the Eagles' problems. If you can win the games in which you don't play your best, that's just extra. It only sets you up that much better for everything from playoff seeding to handling adversity. One of the many people who were here from Philadelphia asked me after the game, "Did the Eagles deserve that win?" and I said, "Who cares? They got it!" And I stand by it.

That said, just because the Eagles won't overreact to a couple of bad games doesn't mean we can't, right? Let's lead the Week 11 overreactions column with an escape by the league's top team.