Chargers, Jags, Bengals solid in '04 draft

It's said it takes three years before you can really evaluate a draft class. Fair enough. Three years later, Scouts Inc. looks back and reviews how AFC teams did in the '04 NFL draft.

Baltimore Ravens
This was the Ravens' least-impressive draft in recent history, but in their defense, they didn't have a first-round selection. While there are no stars in this group, several players did make contributions in 2006. Second-rounder Dwan Edwards has yet to emerge as a true starting defensive lineman but does have value in a rotation. He can be effective in the 3-4 or 4-3, which is important in Rex Ryan's scheme. But his failure to distinguish himself makes him just a marginal pick at this point. Perhaps the Ravens' best pick was seventh-round OT Brian Rimpf. Though he probably never will be a starter, he was a good find at the end of the draft. He's tough, versatile and a valuable offensive linemen. WR Devard Darling (third round) is an ordinary football player and an OK fourth wideout at this point, but he does have talent and potential. WR Clarence Moore (sixth round) has made some impressive catches, but he has very little upside and will always struggle to bend, run sharp routes and separate from much quicker defensive backs. This draft was far from GM Ozzie Newsome's best work. If you add in the fact that Baltimore used its 2004 first-round pick to trade up and draft QB Kyle Boller in 2003, the grade of this class drops even further.
In retrospect, what draft grade would you give the Ravens?

Buffalo Bills
The Bills' 2004 draft would be considered average but could swing up or down depending on the fortunes of first-round QB J.P. Losman, who became the full-time starter last season and made a huge jump in maturity and production. The jury is still out, because he has not played well enough to be considered a good choice or poorly enough to be considered a bust. Fellow first-round pick Lee Evans has become the team's No. 1 receiver in his third season. Evans filled the void when Eric Moulds departed and caught 82 passes for 1,292 yards last season. Third-round DT Tim Anderson and fourth-round TE Tim Euhus have taken opposite paths, with Anderson becoming a durable, steady player, though not an impact defender, and Euhus, now with Pittsburgh, providing little production or depth. The Bills did not hit on their seventh-round choices; both OT Dylan McFarland and WR Jonathan Smith are no longer in the league.
In retrospect, what draft grade would you give the Bills?