QB rankings: Teams 1-10

With training camps approaching, Scouts Inc. ranks the NFL teams 1-32 at nine positions. Today's position: quarterback.

1. Indianapolis Colts
Peyton Manning continues to play at a level that most QBs can only dream about. He is a master at reading defenses, getting in and out of plays and is so well prepared, he can even adjust the blocking assignments up front before the snap. He makes better presnap decisions than any QB in the history of this league and his career completion rate is 64 percent. He has even improved his one weakness, mobility, over the past two years, and now does a good job of moving around and avoiding sacks. Backup Jim Sorgi has limited arm strength and lacks Manning's presnap creativity, but he's played pretty well in some mop-up situations and has an excellent feel for the Colts' offense. Veteran John Navarre is big and strong and will occupy the No. 3 spot, but with Manning being the most durable QB in the NFL, the Indianapolis backups don't get a lot of work.