TE rankings: Teams 1-10

1. San Diego Chargers
Antonio Gates has been one of the most productive tight ends in the league over the past four seasons. Gates is an excellent combination of size, athleticism and hand dexterity. He has been one of the most impressive college free-agent acquisitions in recent memory. Gates is an excellent route runner who shows natural receiving skills and versatility to pressure defensive coordinators to game plan the tight end position. He's also an above-average blocker. The depth at the position comes with great size and effective blocking with Brandon Manumaleuna and a huge rookie in Scott Chandler.

2. Kansas City Chiefs
Tony Gonzalez is an excellent combination of size and athleticism. He has been the most productive tight end over the past 10 seasons. His red-zone numbers have been down the past two seasons, but his ability to stretch deep zones and align in several different positions within an offensive scheme make defenses have to game plan for him. He is a solid blocker and uses his length and athleticism to tie up defenders at the point of attack. His size and leaping ability make him a tough matchup for the shorter safeties and linebackers in the league. Behind Gonzalez, the Chiefs have Jason Dunn, primarily a blocker who can set the edge, and Kris Wilson, an H-back who brings versatility to the offense.