QB rankings: Teams 11-32

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11. Jacksonville Jaguars
Although Byron Leftwich will go into training camp as the 2007 starter, things are far from settled at the QB position for the Jaguars. Leftwich is in the final year of his contract and there is a lot of speculation that the organization won't re-sign him. It wouldn't be surprising to see Daunte Culpepper running this offense in 2008. For now, the backup is David Garrard, who has significant starting experience but has not played with enough consistency to be the starter. Leftwich needs to speed up his delivery and improve his ability to create plays, but he has a strong arm and good intangibles. Quinn Gray is the No. 3 QB, but that could change if Culpepper joins the Jaguars.

12. New York Jets
You have to admire Chad Pennington's perseverance. He came back with a throwing shoulder that has been surgically repaired twice and still played all 16 games in 2006. He is a cerebral QB with superior leadership qualities. He has an excellent touch and is a master at reading defenses and making plays in the short passing game. However, his lack of arm strength can tend to hinder his effectiveness. Defenders jump his routes and his accuracy has to be nearly perfect because it takes so long for the ball to get there. Backup Kellen Clemens is the QB of the future. He has better physical skills and arm strength, but he's not quite ready to take over. Ex-Raider Marques Tuiasosopo will fill the No. 3 role and has solid NFL experience. Even if Pennington struggles in 2007, it is unlikely Eric Mangini would make a midseason change.