Lesser-known rookies and backups round out top 64 RBs

Ranking the top running backs is about as easy as tackling any of them in the open field. Still, Scouts Inc. looked at every back in the league -- from the superstars to the rookies to the established veterans to those still looking for a job -- and listed them 1-64.

Some were easy. Others caused some long and loud arguments. And this list will undoubtedly cause many more debates. But ultimately, we looked at a variety of factors. We studied the player's body of work as well as looked ahead and projected future production. We took into account the kind of offense they play in, the scheme and supporting cast around them. We compared players who were every-down backs against those who didn't play as much. We factored in durability and versatility. We looked at everything we could think of and when all else failed, we just asked who would we want on our team right now.

So here is our list of the top running backs in the NFL from 41 to 64. Let the second-guessing begin.