So crazy it's genius

This story appears in the July 26 issue of ESPN The Magazine.

Welcome to ESPN's Fantasy Football Strategy Guide. In these unbelievably valuable pages -- we were going to print them in 24-karat-gold ink to drive home the point, but the magazine would have been too heavy -- you'll find 13 genuine revelations that will help you dominate your league in 2010.

To start things off, what decision could possibly be more important than whom to take No. 1 overall? Yeah, I know, I know. You're like everyone else. You think it should be Chris Johnson, and you don't think it's close.

Not so fast. Lately, we've become more and more like 6-month-olds. We're often incapable of imagining a future that doesn't closely conform to the very recent past. Like infants, we catalog what's directly before us and assume it will always be so. We watch Johnson dominate fantasy in 2009 and decide it would be stupid and indefensible not to call him the No. 1 overall pick for 2010.

But not only do I think it's defensible, I'm doing it. I like Adrian Peterson over Chris Johnson.

Read on to find out why.