NFL Confidential

During his grilling, a top NFL player -- one of 65 we debriefed for this confidential -- said, "This is ridiculous. What kind of questions are these?" Unrelenting ones, sir. The star agreed to answer one more before he scurried off ... into the inquiring arms of a second correspondent. Point is, we will play bump-and-run or we will play zone. But we will cover you.

Who will win the Super Bowl?

Of the pros who abide by our cardinal rule -- no naming your own team -- 29.6% foresee a repeat. "The Saints are gonna win it; they're tough, and you see it on the field," says a rival safety. "I worked out with some of their guys this off-season. Man, they work hard." Another 18.4% pick the Colts. Third choice, though, is a surprise: the Jets (14.3%), with one caveat. "They have the defense to stop anybody, the athleticism, the players," says a fifth-year pro. "Gotta get the Darrelle Revis situation resolved, though."