Scouts Eye: AFC South tight ends

Each Monday, Matt Williamson from Scouts Inc. breaks down a key position group in a division. Last week, he reviewed NFC North pass rushes. Today, he reviews and ranks the AFC South tight ends from best to worst.

1. Indianapolis Colts

Dallas Clark missed a large portion of last season with a hand injury and Jacob Tamme stepped up commendably in his place. But Tamme doesn't create the mismatches like a healthy Clark. I am putting Indy first on this list with the assumption that Clark will be the same player he was before the injury. He played well while healthy last season and was fantastic in 2009. Clark is one of those players who makes a defense decide, which is rare. What I mean by that is, if the Colts incorporate one running back and two tight ends, does the defense play base or nickel? If it plays base, Clark detaches and finds himself most likely against a linebacker. If it chooses nickel, then the Colts have an advantage in the run game against smaller defensive personnel. As for Tamme, he certainly can move the chains, and he quickly gained Peyton Manning 's trust. He has very sure hands. Tamme did catch a whopping 67 balls from Week 8 to the end of the season. All of a sudden, the Colts are loaded at this position.