Scouts Eye: NFC South QBs

Each Monday, Matt Williamson from Scouts Inc. breaks down a key position group in a division. Last week, he reviewed AFC South tight ends. Today, he reviews and ranks the NFC South quarterbacks from best to worst.

1. New Orleans Saints

The top three in these rankings have grown much closer than they were a year ago. But I still have to give the edge to Drew Brees. Brees didn't appear to be the same player in 2010 as he was in 2009. But I believe that Brees played injured with a bum knee a large portion of the season, his edge protection was sub-par and he really had little running game to lean on. Brees was forced to pass the ball a ton and ended up setting his career high for attempts. That doesn't excuse the high number of interceptions (22). Brees is a risk taker, but this guy can lead my team any time. To me, there are six truly elite quarterbacks in this game and the Saints have one of them. When right, he is a surgeon with the football and orchestrates the Saints' complex offense incredibly well. Brees is as accurate as anyone in recent memory, but isn't just confined to a short passing game. This is an elite football player.