Top 10 most disappointing soph years

Vince Young hasn't lived up to expectations after a great rookie season. AP Photo/John Russell

Our list of second-year disappointments is a mixed bag. There are over-hyped rookies who lived up to their promise for a brief while before reality kicked in, unexpected rookie dominators who eventually found their actual places in the league and players for whom the bright lights of the NFL proved to be too much. The rules were simple: only players from the past 25 seasons, and injury couldn't be the main reason for that second-year fall.

10. Vince Young, QB, Tennessee Titans (2006-2007)

The No. 3 pick in the 2006 draft made the Pro Bowl in his inaugural campaign and took home the NFL's Offensive Rookie of the Year award in a hybrid offense that let him use his mobility while eventually increasing the demands on him as a pure passer. It worked at the start, but in his second season, Young balked at the next level of demands, started to roll out more and more as a default option and made some very questionable decisions. Young's completion percentage actually improved pretty seriously in Year 2 (from 51.5 to 62.3 percent), but it was the sheer number of completions to the other team -- 17 picks in 2007 -- that proved his limitations. Young made a comeback in 2009, buttressed by Chris Johnson's 2,000-yard season and offensive coordinator Mike Heimerdinger's option concepts, but his legacy at this point is his status as a primary example that "quarterback wins" is a near-meaningless statistic.