Offseason Blueprint: Dolphins

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With the 2014 NFL scouting combine in the rearview mirror and free agency about to begin, Insider's experts have produced an Offseason Blueprint for all 32 NFL teams. Included are each team's offseason priorities, projected 2014 lineups, draft and free-agency targets, cap situation and much more.

This is the Offseason Blueprint for the Miami Dolphins.

Front-office priorities

What management's to-do list should include this offseason.

1. It's hard to know where to start with this team. Culture issues, leadership issues, new general manager, second-highest guaranteed-cash-spending projection over the next three years among all teams in the league ... there's a lot to sort through here. The Dolphins will have well over $30 million in cap room for 2014, but given the return on investment that they have received thus far from their cash outlays, why would ownership allow them to do anything other than draft and develop talent? Step 1 needs to involve getting their house in order.

2. The offensive line will need to be totally rebuilt. You could be looking at new starters at both tackle and both guard spots, with all of those positions occupied by pending unrestricted free agents. Extending Mike Pouncey, 24 years old and slated to become an unrestricted free agent in '15, right now would be a no-brainer were it not for his involvement in the bullying mess that plagued the team this offseason. And don't forget that the Dolphins have a new O-line coach; this is going to be a huge rebuilding project.

3. New offensive coordinator Bill Lazor is one of the brightest young offensive minds in all of football, and given the circumstances, he will need to be all of that and more if this team is to challenge the Patriots in the division in a meaningful way anytime soon. His relationship with QB Ryan Tannehill will be under intense scrutiny (remember, former OC Mike Sherman was blamed for much of the offense's futility), as the Dolphins really need Tannehill to take his game to the next level. The O-line and receivers need to perform better, but the development of Tannehill qualifies as its own priority.