Offseason Blueprint: Jaguars

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With the 2014 NFL scouting combine in the rearview mirror and free agency about begin, Insider's experts have produced the Offseason Blueprint for all 32 NFL teams. Included are each team's front-office priorities, projected lineup, draft and free-agency targets, cap situation and much more.

This is the Offseason Blueprint for the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Front-office priorities

What management's to-do list should include this offseason.

1. The Jaguars need to draft a QB for the future. With the cap room they have, I would be looking to move Blaine Gabbert and eat his $3.8 million salary, as it is likely he does not have the makeup to be a backup. Additionally, I would expect them to try and re-sign unrestricted free agent Chad Henne as either a bridge to the new QB or as a backup/insurance option, provided he is at a place in his career when he is willing to accept that role.

2. They should look to build up their supporting cast to surround that QB, starting by upgrading both starting center and left guard via the draft and build depth at tackle, as 2013 first-rounder Luke Joeckel is returning from a lower-leg injury that is not an automatic recovery situation for a big man. Additionally, they should continue to add playmakers on the perimeter because they can't count on WR Justin Blackmon and need a big-time, downfield playmaker to pair with their new QB.

3. The Jags should look for a new, young, explosive feature back in the mold of what the Seattle Seahawks have with Marshawn Lynch. Given Gus Bradley's familiarity with Robert Turbin, I would be looking to acquire the 24-year-old, who has only 157 carries in two seasons and a clean injury history.