Offseason Blueprint: 49ers

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With the 2014 NFL scouting combine in the rearview mirror and free agency about begin, Insider's experts have produced the Offseason Blueprint series, a comprehensive look at the offseason for all 32 NFL teams. Included are each team's offseason priorities, projected lineup, draft and free-agency targets, cap situation and much more.

This is the Offseason Blueprint for the San Francisco 49ers.

Front-office priorities

What management's to-do list should include this offseason.

1. Quarterback Colin Kaepernick's potential contract affects everything. Does the team delay negotiating knowing they have time and can take advantage of his low cap number for 2014? That would allow them to take care of their priority unrestricted free agents (such as Donte Whitner). But if they take that route, they run the risk of Kaepernick skipping offseason workouts, holding out during training camp and disrupting team chemistry.

2. Figure out how to handle Frank Gore, one of the most respected players on the team, heading into the final year of his contract. He will be 32 years old before the start of the '15 season, and Michael Crabtree's, Aldon Smith's and Mike Iupati's contracts expire at the same time.

3. Anquan Boldin is returning, but they still need another outside-lane downfield threat to take this offense to the next level. With the depth at wide receiver in the draft, there will be players available when they pick 30th overall.