Offseason Blueprint: Vikings

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With the 2014 NFL scouting combine in the rearview mirror and free agency about to begin, Insider's experts have produced an Offseason Blueprint for all 32 NFL teams. Included are each team's front-office priorities, projected 2014 lineups, draft and free-agency targets, cap situation and much more.

This is the Offseason Blueprint for the Minnesota Vikings.

Front-office priorities

What management's to-do list should include this offseason.

1. Get organized under a new coach. There will be a new philosophical approach as to what is needed from a player-acquisition standpoint, which brings more uncertainty. Many have been beating the "Mike Zimmer deserves a head-coaching job" drum for so long that expectations for Year 1 might be unrealistic. The fan base could expect more than what the roster allows this coaching staff to do.

2. The worst-managed QB situation in the league in 2013 should be the focus through free agency and the draft, both concerning the starter and the backup. Whatever options the Vikings choose to fill these two roles, the profiles of both players need to be specific, especially as it pertains to the backup. Not every QB has the makeup to be a backup. New offensive coordinator Norv Turner's input will go a long way toward shaping the characteristics of this position group.

3. Scheme around the best players. How successful will Turner be at implementing a play-action passing game that takes real advantage of Adrian Peterson's skills as a big-play threat? This has been Turner's calling card wherever he has been, but in order to do so, the offensive line must be upgraded at both guard positions and the tackles must play better. Expect Cordarrelle Patterson to see an expanded role in the offense, and Greg Jennings to possibly see his role reduced.