Five trades that should happen

Andre Johnson could provide a dangerous perimeter option for Colin Kaepernick. AP Photo/Patric Schneider

The NFL trade deadline usually comes and goes without much activity. Due to a variety of factors, trades are infrequent in the NFL, particularly during the season. After the season, however, talks can intensify, as we recently saw with the Philadelphia Eagles and wide receiver DeSean Jackson, who was ultimately released.

Was the Jackson buzz a precursor to a busier trading period this offseason? Tough to say, although it remains unlikely that a slew of major swaps will take place. Odds are there won't be many -- if any -- major trades this offseason.

But the Jackson talk got us thinking about moves around the NFL that would make sense in the hypothetical. We're not saying these have been discussed, and it's fair to label all of them as long shots. But thinking simply in terms of trades that would make sense for both parties, here are five trades that should happen (even though they won't):

Houston Texans trade wide receiver Andre Johnson to the San Francisco 49ers for a 2014 second-round pick and 2014 fifth-round pick