The 49ers' balanced aerial attack

Colin Kaepernick and Vernon Davis connected for 13 touchdowns in 2013. Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

There is a saying in the NFL that you can't have too many good pass-rushers. There should be a saying that you can't have too many good pass-catchers.

While it is great that a team such as the Cincinnati Bengals have A.J. Green, it would be more beneficial if they had three more receivers of equal quality. When the Bengals really need a big conversion through the air, you know the ball is going to Green. For teams that have a more balanced passing offense, it is much harder for the defense to predict who will be getting the ball next.

But which passing offense will be the most balanced in 2014? Even though the San Francisco 49ers have been a run-first team over the past several seasons, with Frank Gore, when San Francisco chooses to pass, Colin Kaepernick will have plenty of options to target. They don't have a true No. 1 receiver like many teams do, but any given week, one of their receivers could be the star, depending on the matchups they have. It's not every week an NFL team runs a play with four wide receivers and one tight end. The 49ers did so five times last year and should do it more this year. There is no better five-man lineup in the league.

Let's look at what makes each of Kaepernick's top five targets so dangerous: