Chargers should deal Rivers for Mariota

During the Oakland Raiders' dominant run in the 1970s, team owner Al Davis would periodically ask head coach John Madden if it was time to consider trading starting quarterback Ken Stabler. Madden always said no to the trade consideration, but understood Davis was asking the question because he wanted to be able to trade Stabler when his perceived value was higher than his actual value.

The San Diego Chargers may be in a very similar situation heading into the 2015 NFL draft. Philip Rivers has indicated he does not want to move to Los Angeles if the club relocates there. His reticence looks to have opened the door to a potential blockbuster trade with the Tennessee Titans in which the Chargers would land Oregon QB prospect Marcus Mariota.

Trading the face of the franchise for a rookie passer might not seem like a good idea for the Chargers at first glance, yet the truth of the matter is there are many reasons to think that Rivers should be traded -- as his perceived value is currently higher than his actual value.