Packers have built a contender for the long haul

Aaron Rodgers -- the best player in football -- famously urged Green Bay Packers fans to "R-E-L-A-X" following the team's 1-2 start to begin 2014. The team had averaged just 18 points per game over that brief stretch, and the Green Bay faithful were growing impatient.

The team would go on to average 33.2 points per game in its next 13 contests, compiling an 11-2 record, with Rodgers securing his second league MVP trophy after posting season-long totals of 38 touchdowns and five interceptions.

Turns out, he had a good point.

Green Bay's mindset -- as articulated by Rodgers -- wasn't to abandon their plan and make sweeping changes. The team had a plan for success entering the season, and they were going to stick with it.

Fast forward to the offseason -- on the heels of a crunching defeat in the NFC Championship Game to Seattle -- and the Packers' stick-to-the-plan approach is once again relevant.

In a league where patience seemingly grows thinner by the year and many teams aggressively pursue high-priced free agents to fill holes, the Packers' plan of draft, develop and reinvest remains. Here's how Green Bay has built a 2015 Super Bowl favorite and a contender that won't go anywhere any time soon.