Ranking the top five rosters in the NFL

AP Photo/Greg Trott

Building an NFL roster is anything but algorithmic. The surest way to be competitive -- from a roster construction standpoint -- is to find a franchise quarterback. Today's landscape of quarterbacks shows that is much easier said than done, in a variety of ways. Just three projected starting quarterbacks -- Eli Manning of the Giants, Sam Bradford of the Eagles and Ryan Fitzpatrick of the Jets (who wasn't expected to start until recently) -- are entering the final year of their contracts. Teams with good quarterbacks ensure those quarterbacks don't slip out of their grasps. Even teams with quarterbacks with something to prove -- the Bengals, Dolphins and 49ers, for example -- make early investments in those quarterbacks to fortify the most important spot on the roster.

Although quarterback is the most important spot, so much more goes into sustaining success: coaching, scouting, weekly preparation and a strong roster at other positions. In a recent survey of ESPN's NFL team, an anonymous vote was conducted to evaluate hundreds of NFL players, with the criteria being dominance at their positions.

Using the #NFLRANK list as a starting point, below are the top five rosters in the NFL, factoring in positional value.