Kiper's projected 2015 All-Rookie team: Mariota gets nod at QB


For the last few years, I've been ranking rookie performance here. If you have the Insider Fantasy Cheat Sheet, you know I've already chimed in on that aspect of it, but here I'm going to go into every position and provide a bunch of other names. Fantasy players last year know how key rookies can be, but there were also a bunch of Pro Bowl players and, in my opinion, some guys who were at that level but got overlooked because of rookie status. A couple of key things to keep in mind:

• This is more than a "who the best players are" ranking. Opportunity is crucial, so this is more reflective of who I believe will get the reps.

• I hit every position here, but I used an extra player or two in spots.

With that said, here you go.


QB: Marcus Mariota, Tennessee Titans

I'm giving Mariota a slight edge over Jameis Winston because while I don't think the stats will be too dissimilar, I think the Titans have a chance to take a big step forward overall, with major improvement on the defensive side of the ball in particular. I also think they'll do a better job of blocking up front, allowing Mariota both time to throw and the opportunity to scamper for extra yards, not just while he's being chased, but because he's got space and can take yards while protecting himself.