Ranking NFL head coaches by strategic decision-making

Carolina's Ron Rivera and New England's Bill Belichick grade out well in terms of in-game decision-making. AP Photo

On a week-to-week basis, almost no decision-makers receive as much scrutiny and second-guessing as the 32 men patrolling NFL sidelines. Go for it or kick? Pull out that red challenge flag or keep it in its hiding place? Call that timeout or let the clock continue to tick away? An NFL head coach confronts these strategic dilemmas knowing his calls can make the difference between winning and losing and whether he keeps his job or loses it.

Today we've got a metric -- call it Strategy Score -- to rank all 32 head coaches according to how well they handle these decisions. The coaches at the top make the calls that consistently put their teams in the best position to win. They stay aggressive when other coaches chicken out and avoid the head-scratching mistakes that bedevil others in the heat of the moment.