Mel Kiper's 2015 all-rookie team

ESPN Illustration

So we're officially at the end of the line. I know nobody reads the intro, so let me just cut to the chase with the parameters I use all year for the Rookie Rankings, just so you have the rules.

  • This is a measure for all games this season.

  • Total snap count matters. Staying on the field is a measure of value.

  • Positional value matters, but overall performance and impact on the team matters more.

  • Relative value matters. I ask: Would this player be a starter on a really good team?

With that in mind, here is the team -- offense, defense and special teams.

Offensive rookie of the year

Jameis Winston, QB, Buccaneers

You can argue that passing totals are up and we shouldn't get too excited about another great rookie season, but consider the company Winston is in after throwing for 4,042 yards. Andrew Luck. Cam Newton. Peyton Manning. And Winston did it a year younger than Newton and Manning. The totals are nice; the rate of improvement is what is really impressive. This is what you hope to see in a No. 1 pick.

Others considered: Todd Gurley, Rams; Mitch Morse, Chiefs

Defensive rookie of the year