10 sleeper NFL free agents for 2016

Dwayne Allen and Adam Jones are talented free agents who should have friendly price tags. Icon Sportswire, Getty Images

Free agency is one of the crazy periods in the NFL calendar. Teams have a rare opportunity to add talent and patch holes in an instant, but the catch is they are in direct competition with every other team in the league.

It leads to something of an auction mentality, where each year some teams overbid for players they decided they had to have.

The marquee names will see the big money thrown their way, but often the best free-agent pickups are the lower-profile players.

Let's take a look at 10 sleeper free agents who could make big impacts in 2016.

Dwayne Allen, TE, Indianapolis Colts

In 2012, thanks largely to his work as a run-blocker, Allen was Pro Football Focus' highest-graded tight end -- as a rookie. That's above Rob Gronkowski. Even adjusting that to value receiving more, Allen was a top-10 tight end, but injuries have robbed us of the player he was becoming. That season, Allen caught 45 passes, but he has caught just 57 since. Allen is only about to turn 26 and will likely be far from most teams' top priority, but his ceiling is still incredibly high.