For these five NFL teams, clearing cap space is paramount

The Bills can create $14.5 million of cap space by releasing veteran pass-rusher Mario Williams. Stephen Pond/Getty Images

A week ago, we overviewed the five teams that are expected to be flush with cap space as the 2016 league year opens on March 9. We noted that more cap space is not always better than less: Good players are often paid in line with their abilities, meaning teams with low payrolls are usually in search of many roster upgrades.

The truth is, there is no perfect amount of salary-cap space a team can have. Moreover, each team's cap situation is dynamic: One restructure here or a releasing of a player there can impact the cap on a moment's notice.

Below is a list of five teams that currently have the most money committed to players for the 2016 season, as well as a look at any potential decisions they may have to make to accommodate more cap flexibility.

Note: The 2016 cap is expected to be around $153 million.