Teddy Bridgewater poised to become top-10 quarterback

Teddy Bridgewater guided the Vikings to the NFC North title last season. AP Photo/Bill Haber

Teddy Bridgewater tends to avoid self-promotion, even going so far as to turn down the University of Louisville's offer of a Heisman Trophy promotional campaign during his last collegiate season.

He may have to do a lot more of this type of attention avoidance in the near future, because there are a number of signs that Bridgewater may become a top-10 quarterback in 2016 if the Vikings can give him a bit of personnel assistance.

Already on the precipice of being a top-10 quarterback

The main support for Bridgewater's top-10 case is that he is already on the verge of being in this near-elite territory.

Last season, Bridgewater ranked 13th in Total QBR (62.7) and was only 2.2 Total QBR points behind the 10th-rated quarterback (Aaron Rodgers, 64.9).

Bridgewater displayed upper-tier consistency in this metric by posting 11 games with a Total QBR of 50 or higher, a total that ranked tied for sixth best. Since this metric is measured on a 1-100 scale, with 100 being best, it means Bridgewater had above-average performances in nearly two-thirds of his games. He also had a Total QBR of 65 or higher in seven games, a mark that ranked tied for 14th last season.