Two AFC teams make up the list of Super Bowl LI sleepers

The most memorable teams in NFL history are the powerhouse Super Bowl champions -- the 1970s Pittsburgh Steelers, the 1980s San Francisco 49ers, the 1990s Dallas Cowboys.

As enjoyable as those teams were to watch, it's worth remembering the NFL has had its fair share of surprise Super Bowl winners over the years: the 1980 Oakland Raiders, 1981 San Francisco 49ers, 1999 St. Louis Rams and 2001 New England Patriots.

Since the NFL doesn't appear to have a team in the middle of a true dynasty, the time looks ripe for another team to come out of nowhere to win the Super Bowl. Which clubs fall into this category? Two teams fit the bill of not being perceived as playoff contenders, yet having the upside to make it to Super Bowl LI and win the Lombardi Trophy.

Houston Texans

It might seem odd to call a team that made the playoffs last season a Super Bowl sleeper, but the Texans' middle-of-the-pack ranking in the current 2017 Super Bowl odds indicate their playoff berth failed to change the perception that this club is not a title contender.

That should not be the mindset surrounding this team, as the Texans are well situated to mimic the 2015 Denver Broncos' championship path.