What should Cardinals do with No. 1 pick?

MOBILE, Ala. -- Spend a few days at the annual Senior Bowl festivities, and you'll likely run into much of the NFL world. Coaches, general managers, scouts, you name it: You're bound to see many of them at some point during the week.

And though the Senior Bowl isn't the only game on the All-Star circuit, it is the biggest one and a sort of unofficial start to the run-up to the NFL draft.

Taking that into account, we wanted to find out what, at this early stage, scouts and personnel types around the league are expecting the Arizona Cardinals to do with the No. 1 pick. Though almost every response began with some variation of "IT'S ONLY JANUARY (insert date here)," there was one primary takeaway from conversations with almost a dozen NFL talent evaluators.

The consensus was, if given the opportunity, the Cardinals' preferred approach is to trade down from No. 1 in exchange for an assortment of valuable draft capital. The thinking goes that Arizona has so many needs that it could use the extra picks, and though picking someone like Ohio State's Nick Bosa will be tempting, the Cardinals already have Chandler Jones and could re-sign Markus Golden, which would allow them more flexibility.

Of course, just because many believe the Cardinals would like to make a deal doesn't mean they will be able to find a partner willing to meet their price. It's also worth noting that there's a long way to go until the draft, and other factors can come into play over the next few months.

But for now, here's how those 11 votes were tallied, with a look at the three possibilities mentioned and some of the reasoning behind those choices.