Judging NFL Week 5 overreactions: Brian Daboll for Coach of the Year?

Aaron Rodgers' Packers are facing questions, while Brian Daboll has the Giants surprisingly soaring. AP Photo/Kin Cheung

The beautiful thing about NFL overreactions is that they don't even have to be week-by-week. They can be minute-by-minute, swinging wildly throughout the course of a single game. One minute you're convinced the Colts will never score another point, the next minute they're winning the game in overtime.

At various points throughout Week 5, we were absolutely certain that the Colts' season was in the gutter, that the Vikings were about to blow a game in which they led the Bears by 18 points, that the Giants were out of players on offense and couldn't possibly come back against the Packers and that the Buccaneers' defense was about to blow a 21-point fourth-quarter lead.

All four of those teams won their games.

We do this every week in this space -- throw out wild declarative statements about an incomplete season and judge whether those statements are overreactions or not. But the nature of the NFL is that we don't have to wait that long. Maybe we should set up some sort of NFL Overreactions Twitter account and start firing these off during games instead of waiting until after they're over.

I'm gonna run that up the flagpole and see if it catches on. Meantime, enjoy the more conventional format in which we now present to you Week 5 NFL Overreactions.