Cam Akers trade: Grades for Vikings, Rams in swap of draft picks

We have a running back trade ... just not for the Indianapolis Colts' Jonathan Taylor. The Los Angeles Rams shipped Cam Akers to the Minnesota Vikings on Wednesday for essentially the smallest price possible -- a late-round conditional pick swap three years in the future. Akers, drafted in the second round in 2020, has averaged 4.0 yards per carry on his 360 rushes for the Rams.

A trade is a trade, though, so let's break it down and grade the deal for both teams. As we always say: General managers don't get the benefit of hindsight, so we shouldn't enjoy that privilege, either. Let's judge the deal based on the information we have at the time and try to figure out which team won it.

Rams trade RB Cam Akers to Vikings

Rams get: 2026 conditional sixth-round pick
Vikings get: Akers, 2026 conditional seventh-round pick