Judging biggest overreactions for NFL Week 3

Is it possible to overreact to a team scoring 70 points in a single NFL game? Like, is there anything we can say about what the Miami Dolphins did to the Denver Broncos on Sunday that would be too over the top?

The Dolphins had 726 yards of offense in their Week 3 win, nine short of the single-game NFL record, which has stood since the Rams rolled up 735 on the Yanks in 1951. Yeah, the Yanks. Joe DiMaggio must have been out that day. The only team that has ever scored more touchdowns in a game than the Dolphins' 10 is the 1940 Bears, who scored 11 in that year's championship game against Washington. Yes, I know. You watch the Bears these days and you wonder if they'll score 11 touchdowns all season.

If you started Dolphins rookie running back De'Von Achane in fantasy this week, congratulations on being some sort of psychic wizard. Achane, who hadn't been much of a factor in Miami's first two games, rolled up 51.3 points on fantasy benches Sunday. But in the more likely event that you started Raheem Mostert, you had to be pretty happy with his 45.2 points. Or Tyreek Hill's 30.7. Or Tua Tagovailoa's 28.36. If you have Dolphins players in fantasy this year, it's like you're playing with an extra player each week.

No team in league history had ever scored five rushing touchdowns and five receiving touchdowns in the same game until the Dolphins did it Sunday. No team in league history had ever scored 70 points and put up 700 yards of offense in the same game until the Dolphins did it Sunday. No pair of teammates had ever had four touchdowns and 140 scrimmage yards each in the same game until Achane and Mostert did it Sunday. The Dolphins have scored 130 points in their first three games this season, and the only team ever to score more in its first three games was the 1968 Cowboys, who had 132.

I could say just about anything I want about the Dolphins' performance Sunday, and you wouldn't be able to convince me I'm overreacting. This team is absolutely terrifying right now, and there's no other place we could start the Week 3 overreactions column, as we judge a few potential takeaways from the weekend's games.

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The Dolphins will set the NFL single-season scoring record this season