NFC's 10 most versatile players

Wide receiver Randall Cobb had 2,342 all-purpose yards for the Packers last season. AP Photo/Jim Prisching

NFC's most versatile players | AFC

In today's creative NFL, coaches are always looking for players with versatile skill sets. That gives teams flexibility in their schemes, and it is also an advantage with roster limitations if a player can fill more than one role. Let's look at 10 players in the NFC who fit this category -- not all of these guys are household names.

1. Randall Cobb, WR, Green Bay Packers
He has evolved from a one-dimensional return specialist into a complete offensive player for the Packers. His ability to play multiple roles makes him an almost impossible matchup for opposing defenses. Cobb had a whopping 2,342 all-purpose yards in 2012, and much more is expected this season.

He can line up anywhere at wide receiver but is most effective working out of the slot and can also be very productive when he lines up in the backfield, either as a runner or outlet receiver. We do expect Cobb's return duties to lessen as the coaches concentrate on getting him creative offensive touches.