Tim Tebow's last stand

The Denver Broncos offense has looked very stagnant the past few games. AP Photo/Joe Mahoney

Tim Tebow's last 14 dropbacks on Sunday resulted in two completions, two sacks, one interception, 7 net yards, oodles of incompletions, no first downs and, ultimately, defeat. Though the Denver Broncos defense held the Kansas City Chiefs to a single touchdown, Tebow and the Denver offense produced just one field goal, leading to a 7-3 loss. But thanks to the San Diego Chargers, who knocked the Oakland Raiders out of the playoffs, the Broncos earned a playoff berth as AFC West champions. Unless Tebow can improve in a hurry, though, that just means a chance to lose one more game this year.

Tebow made headlines for leading the Broncos to seven wins in his first eight starts, but in hindsight, that streak is looking much less spectacular. Only one of those victories came by more than one score, three came in overtime and none came against a team that made the playoffs. While Denver had a lot of exciting wins in 2011, none of them were terribly impressive.