Can Cardinals pass way to title?

One of the biggest parts of Arizona's postseason surge has been the reappearance of veteran running back Edgerrin James, who has 52 playoff carries for 203 yards. No, it isn't that surprising to see James running the ball for four yards per carry. What's surprising is the fact that Arizona is running the ball, period. In three postseason games, not counting game-ending kneeldowns, the Cardinals have 95 runs and only 94 passes.

That play breakdown is a shock if you look at the regular season, when the Cardinals passed the ball almost twice as often as they ran. The Cardinals aren't just the most pass-happy team to ever make the big game. They're one of the most pass-happy teams in NFL history, period.

Here's a list of the 10 teams with the highest regular-season ratio of pass attempts to runs since the beginning of the Super Bowl era in 1966. (The total for passes also includes sacks.)