NFL's most overrated players

Everyone loves a good list, particularly one ranking the NFL's best players, and the offseason generally finds quite a few to browse through. At PFF, we feel we're as qualified as anyone to put together a list of the league's best players, so we've continued with our traditional Top 101. Part of our uniqueness is the ability to view the entire league through virtually the same set of eyes and within the same system. It's for these reasons that we can minimize bias through our grades to provide a strong snapshot of a player's performance in a given year.

As for the list, it's more than just a glance at the grades. We go back and forth internally discussing not only grades but also consistency, role, snap count, postseason work, competition and any other important factors that may go into separating the best players in the league. As with any list, the debate rages on.

One thing to remember is that our list is based strictly on 2013 and that we have stuck to the mantra that all positions are created equally to give everyone a shot to make it, thereby avoiding the quarterback-heavy list that would most undoubtedly ensue. We also took the postseason into consideration when accumulating the list.

Here's a look at the players many fans and media will be surprised to see at the bottom half of the PFF 101.

Luke Kuechly, Carolina Panthers, No. 80

The 2013 NFL Defensive Player of the Year at No. 80? Kuechly did have a strong season, but he wasn't even considered for PFF Defensive Player of the Year in what amounted to a two-horse race. Why the disconnect?