Updated best Super Bowl XLIX bets

Some NFL teams' Super Bowl future-book odds have changed because of recent draft picks. Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images

LAS VEGAS -- Any talk of a Seattle Seahawks dynasty seems to have quieted down if a look at the Super Bowl future-book odds is any indication. In our last update here at ESPN Insider -- more than 11 weeks ago on April 8, after the first wave of free-agent signings and a month before the draft -- the Seahawks were a solid 4-1 favorite at the Las Vegas Hotel SuperBook here in Vegas. The LVH actually had the Seahawks as 5-1 co-favorites with the Denver Broncos after the former routed the latter 43-8 in Super Bowl XLVIII. Early money came in on Seattle and pushed the Seahawks down to 9-2 and then 4-1, where the odds sat for three months.

However, bettors have mostly ignored the champs at the lower prices and bookmakers have been raising their odds (the LVH's odds are mostly in line with other books in Vegas and offshore, although the Seahawks are slightly higher at plus-513 at Pinnacle Sports and plus-542 at CRIS).

As expected, the draft didn't have an effect on the odds of the top teams as they pick latest in the first round. The marquee draft picks who went to weaker teams didn't change their odds too much, either, because those teams have a lot more holes to fill. Let's look at a few of the top picks in the draft, how they changed the future-book odds and the best future-book value bets.